Why you should embrace the simple joys of play

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My son taught me a valuable lesson last month, which is not too shabby for an 11-month-old who poos his pants daily.

He, my wife and I were on the final day of our honeymoon on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, when a big out-of-season swell lashed the coast. Being a surfer, I’d been worried this might happen – that I’d be confronted with perfect waves on a trip when surfing was supposed to take a back-seat to romance.

Thankfully my wife is a gem, and seeing the angst written on my face she suggested I paddle out for an hour or two to quell my quickly-escalating FOMO, stat. Down at the shoreline, however, I realised that despite the odd great wave, conditions looked sketchy, and the whole coast was devoid of other surfers.

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