So you wanna be a freelancer?

From Surf Careers

For many budding writers the freelance gig is the employment holy grail. No domineering boss looking over your shoulder, working from the comfort of your home/pyjamas/anywhere-you-bloody-feel and making your own hours. Your salt time is limited only by the ocean, rather than a stifling nine-to-five. But for every writer, photographer or designer making a killing, there are seemingly just as many grim tales of failure and financial despair. Which picture is more accurate?

“I’d never advise someone to become a freelance surf writer,” Jed Smith, 26, says bluntly from his home at Dee Why, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. “It’s not a feasible profession at all.” Though his stark admission about surf writing may have some truth to it, the scribe has carved out a handy niche for himself in surf publications around the globe, rendering his advice and observations on freelancing useful for any budding self-employee.

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